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Welcome to Oldtimerklubben!

We hope you find what you came here fore, otherwise, do not hesitate to ask...

Registration etc.!

Denmarks Largest Trainsim-download site!
With the merge of Oldtimerklubben.dk, train-sim.org, dantrain-sim.dk and dantrainsim-today.dk, www.oldtimerklubben.dk has become the largest Danish download site for MSTS / Open Rails train-simmers!

And then Eric Falensteen is the new webmaster for Oldtimerklubbens website.

The download sections for MSTS is fully updated and now we also have a ORTS-section.

Visit the download sections often, we add new things all the time and if there should be something you can not find, please ask in forum.

We have decided that everybody must register to access the forum and the download sections, but it is still free!

Only membership costs a little and it all goes to running the website:

All prices are per. year running from 1 February to 31 January the following year.
Standard Membership: 175, - DKK.
Young people under 18 years: 100, - DKK.
Retired: 100, - DKK.

I hope you will welcome the new initiatives from the club.
On behalf of Oldtimerklubben:
Mogens - Steamhammer
President Oldtimerklubben

User Information:
Since all communications relating to membership in Oldtimerklubben (including contingent collection), broadcast by e-mail, we encourage hereby all members to check that their user information is correct.
This is due to several members, wich has not received a number of broadcast information.
Thanks in advance!

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